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MMT Policies and Procedures

TUITION:     BRC1 - $395.00
Attendance: The course is a two-day class and attendance on both days is required
On Time:  The classes will start promptly at 8:00 am and you need to be at MMT ready to go at the start of the class.  It is recommended to arrive at class 15 to 20 minutes early  The skills being taught are cumulative and require participation in every exercise.  Being late can result in your not being able to continue in the class.

Refunds:  A refund may be given if cancellation is made in advance of the class based on number of days prior to the class date.  The following schedule outlines refund amount and processing fee:

          7 days or more prior to class:    Refund:  $345  Processing fee $50
          6 to 3 days prior to class:             Refund: $295   Processing fee $100
          48 hours or less before class:    Refund:  $0
          No Show:                                            Refund:  $0

Knowledge Test Re-Take:  A knowledge test will be administered on the first day of class and a score of 80% or higher is reuiqred to pass.  A student unable to receive a passing score on the Knowledge Test or re-take will not be able to receive certification in the course being taken.

Skills Test Re-Take:  A skills test will be administered on the second day of class and passing the test is a requirement of certification.  In the event the student does not pass the test, a re-take will be offered.  For student safety and the opportunity to receive additional skill instruction, a re-take of the skills test will be scheduled within 30 days of the original class.  A fee of $150 wll be charged to take a re-test as it includes skills exercise 3, 11 and 14 and the test.

Course Re-Take:  If a student is unable to achieve a passing score and receive certification for the MOST/MSF license waiver course (BRC) and space is available in an upcoming class within 30 days of the original class, the fee of $300 will be required which is a savings of $95 of the original cost of the class.
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